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New roguelike game for Windows, enjoy.

Note : Unleashed released the rip’d release : Star.Nomad.2.RIP-Unleashed 267MB ( NFO – DOWNLOAD )

Star Nomad 2 is a space trader & combat sim mixed with squad-RPG, large scale conquest, choice driven gameplay with fluid & punchy tactical real-time combat.

Set in a dynamic open-world sandbox with an evolving conflict between three major splinter groups of humanity, players can freely be merchants, bounty hunters, pirates, miners, smugglers or wanderers.

Your actions or in-actions, big or small carry consequences that are noticed by the inhabitants and factions. Empires will rise and fall, take a side, or sow the seeds of anarchy.

Be immersed in a universe that’s alive with random events offering pilots an opportunity for exploitation. Be involved in dynamic economies with logistical supply & demand at the mercy of a capitalistic merchant or a menacing pirate.

Be the catalyst to decide the fate of humanity.


Squad RPG progression via skills & perks, upgrades & modules.

Deep trade system with dynamic supply & demand, affected by events, piracy & conflict.

Fluid real-time combat with tactical pause & a wide variety of weapons.

Resource gathering to upgrade to higher tier modules and looting of combat kills.

Factions will conquer & defend systems with fleet movements. Your actions, big or small, have a major effect on the tide of conquest!

Random events offer opportunities and also ensure no two game plays out the same.

Random encounters offer interesting side-quests or tough choices with major consequences.

Many classes of ships offer different tactical possibilities, including Carriers!

Clever enemies that fly their vessels to abuse their strengths. Fast & agile ships will flank and out-speed your big guns, large ships will broadside tank with their strong directional shields.

Take part in epic fleet battles with Capital Ships duking it out among support ships and hordes of combat drones!

Tweak-able Squad AI, never be caught flying with stupid, ever.

Challenging, but fair Rogue-like-esque gameplay.

Publisher: Huy Phan
Developer: Huy Phan
Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Release name:Star.Nomad.2-TiNYiSO
Size: 676B
Links: Homepage – Steam – NTi – NFO


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