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Release: The.Book.of.Legends.Build.20150605-ALI213
Audio Language: English
Lyrics: English
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Size: 136 MB
RARs: 1

The Demon of Fear, Azutura, is slowly but surely awaking because the world is increasingly being dominated by thieves, rogues and bandits. Indeed – Azutura feeds on people’s fears. The solution is found and crafted by the best alchemists of the realm: a special relic whose vapors will put the Demon in a profound sleep for the next few decades or so.

A notorious traveler gifted with an extraordinary strength, Jordan, is sent to the House of Fear where the Demon lies to do the job. But the very first day of his mission, he is robbed by thieves and loses the precious relic!

‘The Book of Legends’ is an epic, sprawling role-playing game packed full with characters, quests, items and secrets, evocative of the greats of the genre such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Phantasy Star.

Key Features:
More than 40 achievements to unlock
More than 30 playable characters
Play as the strongest man in the world (yes!) but also control a Princess, a Celebrity, a Ghost, a Dragon, a Demon, even a chicken and a cow – in “The Book of Legends”, the word “role playing” takes on its full meaning
More than 125 spells to cast
More than 60 weapons and 110 pieces of equipment
More than 100 different enemies – defeat extraordinary monsters such as dragons, manticores, demons and ogres
More than 300 areas to explore
60 hours of playtime
2 different modes (Casual/RPG)
Mouse control allowed
Easy-to-use Quest book and Party Switcher
Party Splitting
Choices that affect the game significantly
Multiple endings
Exciting story full of twists and witty or hilarious dialogs
Countless hours of playing, a myriad of side quests and secrets
Great interaction between characters and even non-playing characters
Spectacular spells and summoning
A Colyseum with 2 different tournaments
Gorgeous characters, graphics and music