NxFilter 2.8.5 + Portable | 24.5 Mb

NxFilter is a comprehensive and reliable software solution worth having when you need to track the HTTP traffic on your network. Specially intended for administrators, the application comes with a complete set of features that enable them to monitor and to filter the Internet activity in their network.

Before using the application, you surely need to inform yourself on how a DNS service works and how you should configure it so you can monitor all the data you need.
By accessing the Network and Sharing Center panel, you have the possibility to choose which TCP / IP protocol will be configured in order to use a specific DNS server address.

Since the application is actually a forwarding DNS server, you can use the exact method of setting up a DNS server for user systems. Also, it allows you to make use of the command prompt utility because updating the required folders can be performed only using command shortcuts.
Then, by downloading the additional libraries (specified on the website) and configuring the installed services, you have the possibility to make use of your created DNS server.

A DNS server, which is also known as Domain Name System, easily translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses so you can locate computer services.
Thus, by using NxFilter one can simply block not only the Internet connection to specific domains or websites, but also detect and prevent malware attacks.

After configuring all the settings, you can start the application and view all the accessed webpages. The main window displays detailed information about each blocked website and the user who tried to access that specific webpage.
Moreover, you are able to add as many users as you want by associating them to several IP addresses. This way, if a user will access a blocked websites, you will get instantly notified. Still, if you are not satisfied considering the restriction rules, NxFilter maintains DNS query or blocks history for a certain amount of days specified in the proper panel.

Considering all of the above, NxFilter proves to be a reliable DNS filter that enables you to monitor and filter all the Internet activity, as well as to detect and block malware or botnet activity by analyzing the DNS packet.

2015/08/07, v2.8.5
– Recategorization request criteria activated.
– Log data not showing bug when you update from pre-v2.6.6 fixed.
– Block page size limit increased to 100 KB on validation.
– ‘oem.properties’ introduced.
– Update notification via alert email added.
– ‘alert_email.ftl’ template added.
– CNAME caching bug for safe-search fixed.

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