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The Pregnant Body Book (DK Publishing)

True PDF | English | 47 MB

he Pregnant Body Book is really quite remarkable in its recounting of the fascinating details of pregnancy biology from conception through labor and birth. There are illustrations, which I found amazing, and a lot of photographs. The photographs are often magnified. This coffee-table sized book has many full-page images.
There seem to be two reactions to intrauterine photographs like the ones in The Pregnant Body Book – awe or a squeamish distaste for the alien-like fetal images. Normally I am the first. I’ve always loved biology and find pregnancy one of the most incredible and awe-inspiring examples of the miracle that is life. Given that fact, I should have loved this book full of fascinating biological facts and incredible photographs. Somehow, after reading this book, I feel more like the latter. It left me feeling a bit off in my stomach. “It’s too much,” my husband said. I have to agree – at least when read cover to cover all at once.