“Pressure Cooker” is an all new FYI food competition show. In each episode, viewers will see three new teams compete in a different city in the USA for a cash prize. One member of each team is a chef, while the other member has little to no culinary expertise. The teams will have a limited amount of time to prepare dishes, and with just a small budget, a map and a smart phone (with no internet), they must source the best produce from local suppliers and create a world class meal for the panel of judges. Hosted by comedian and food writer, Max Silvestri.
Season 01, Episode 01 -“Rocco DiSpirito vs. Stefano Faita”
With guest star Rocco DiSpirito in their corner, home cooks Sandeep Bhogal and Angelica Escudero battle the belt and each other, while Karen Ahmed and Jennifer Draper face off under the watchful eye of guest star Stefano Faita. Host Anne-Marie Withenshaw keeps the fierce competition on track and in a nail-biter final round, Tasting Expert Giles Coren comes up with a surprising decision.

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